Watch Folders (iHomeServer Web Access)

The iHomeServer Web Access Watch Folder view allows you to navigate your iTunes media via your Watch Folder hierarchy.  This can be useful if your tracks are organised on disk within a logical file/folder structure and you are yet to update your tracks with meaningful metadata such as Album, Artist.  iHomeServer and iHomeServer Web Access make it easy for you to fix this.
Watch Folders (iHomeServer Web Access)

Watch Folders and Sub-Folders

1. Watch Folders and Sub-Folders
The first page of the Watch Folder list will show any Watch Folders you have already configured in iHomeServer.  To set up new Watch Folders, please refer to the topic Adding Watch Folders.  You can tap into a Watch Folder to see its sub-folders and any files within it.
Watch Folders will be shown in orange, whilst normal folders will be shown in blue.

Media files

2. Media files
The media files within the Watch Folder (or its sub folders) are also listed here.  You can click or tap any media file to perform actions on it, in a very similar fashion to the actions you can perform on a track within iTunes from the iTunes View.
When you tap a media file, a menu will appear with the following options: Play Here, Play via iTunes, Download, Edit Metadata, AutoTag (if a video file), Add to Playlist, Delete, Cancel.
For further information on these options, please see the topic on Track Actions

Media file size

3. Media file size
The file size on disk of the media file

Number of tracks in folder and subfolders

4. Number of tracks in folder and subfolders
The total number of tracks within the folder and its subfolders.