Playing your iTunes Media

Now you have set up iHomeServerâ„¢ for iTunes, there are many different ways of play your iTunes media library.  Remember that whilst iTunes can happily play to the sound card on the computer it is installed on, this is just the beginning.  iTunes integrates seamlessly with other Apple devices such as Apple TVs, iPads and iPhones allowing your iTunes hosted media to be played through any of these devices.  Furthermore, Apple Wifi routers, such as the Airport Express or Airport Extreme, boast their own audio capabilities and an audio line-out jack that allows you to use these as audio output devices over your network using technology called AirPlay.  Third party audio/video vendors, such as Sony and Denon, are also producing Hi-Fi components that integrate into your iTunes wired or wireless network.  All this integrated media is why having an iTunes based media server is so important.
Many households may have a mixture of Apple and non-Apple devices.  In this case, the out of the box iTunes functionality may not be sufficient as you will be unable to stream iTunes media to non-Apple devices.  iHomeServer changes that by extending iTunes' streaming capabilities to any supported web browser on any supported device and also to Smart TVs and receivers via DLNA.  iHomeServer can also stream your media to Games Consoles such as PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360 Consoles using DLNA.
But how does it all work?
This section of the user guide discusses the various different ways you that iTunes can play media locally or stream media to other devices - both Apple and non-Apple..
We will first explain the key terms and technologies that are involved, and then explain how these technologies are used by different devices to play your media.  We will then provide quick step guides on how to play your media through various devices.