iTunes User Account

The first decision when configuring iTunes is which user account to use.  Windows allows multiple Windows Accounts to be created.  On most desktops, windows accounts correspond to real users.  On servers, the same principle applies, however, you can also create users that are for specific services.
For example, you can create a user account dedicated to your iTunes instance called 'iTunesUser'.  During iHomeServer™ setup, you wll be asked which user you wish to use to run iTunes.  iHomeServer will then run its Windows service under this account and launch iTunes with the same credentials (the iTunes process is actually a child of the iHomeServer service process).
As you can see from the diagram below, iTunes settings are user dependent, therefore the configuration steps you perform should be made as the user you wish to run iTunes under.
Therefore, when configuring iTunes, please ensure you log into your server using the credentials you wish to use to run iTunes as a service under iHomeServer.
Please note that there is no need for the user that you use to run iTunes to be a Windows Administrator, however, obviously, the user will need sufficient permissions to access the media you have on your server or elsewhere.  It is beyond the scope of this user manual to describe setting up new user accounts.