M3U Playlist Importing

iHomeServerâ„¢ supports the automatic importing of M3U playlists into iTunes.  M3U files will be imported automatically if iHomeServer finds a file with an .m3u file extension in an iHomeServer Watch Folder.
Please note the following:
  1. iHomeServer supports relative and absolute file paths within M3U files
  2. iHomeServer will automatically import into iTunes any files referenced within the playlist; even if those files are outside of a Watch Folder.
  3. Relative paths will be relative to the location of the actual playlist file
  4. If you are using absolute paths, you must ensure they use the same path naming convention as the rest of your iTunes library and configured Watch Folders; otherwise you risk creating duplicates.  For example, if you have a file called \\whs\music\mysong.mp3, and a Watch Folder looking at \\whs\music, you need to ensure that any playlist referring to the song will refer to it as \\whs\music\mysong.mp3 and not, for example, d:\music\mysong.mp3 which would be considered an entirely separate track - please see the topic "1. Decide your file naming convention and stick with it! for further information."
  5. iHomeServer will create an iTunes playlist with the same name as the .M3U file.
  6. If a playlist already exists with that name, entries within the M3U file will be merged into the existing playlist
Note that although iHomeServer supports importing M3U files, it currently does not support importing M3U files that contain URL streams, such as radio station M3U files.