My iPad shows duplicate or missing TV shows



This appears to be a bug in iTunes that is discussed on various forums.  The symptoms of the bug are that duplicate TV season icons will appear on the Television tab of the Video app on your iPad.  This does not appear to affect iTunes Home Sharing or Apple TV clients.
The symptoms appear when there is inconsistent metadata on TV episodes within a season.

Work Around

All episodes of the same TV season must have exactly the same values (case-sensitive) for all of the following fields:
Artist Album
All set to the name of the Show (spelt exactly correctly), eg 'Friends'
Should be set to the Show name followed by a Season identifier, eg 'Friends - Season 1'
Episode Number
Must be set to the episode number within the season
Season Number
Must be set to the season number
Please note this is a bug within iTunes, not iHomeServer!
If you use the AutoTag feature within iHomeServer, these fields will be set like this automatically for your convenience.