iHomeServer for iTunes v3 - Pro

Welcome to iHomeServer™; software to supercharge your iTunes experience and make iTunes a better media server. 
iTunes is fast becoming the centre of many home entertainment systems. iTunes technologies such as Home Sharing and Air Play allow you to keep a centralised media library of music and video and share it with all your other household media devices. For example, you can digitize your music CDs and your DVDs into your iTunes library and then stream them to any your Apple TV, iPad or iPhone. You can even remote control your iTunes installation to push media to several sets of speakers in your house simultaneously using the Apple Remote App. However, all these great features rely on iTunes being up and running.
What is needed is an iTunes Server platform - Enter iHomeServer™ which bridges the gaps in Apple's iTunes product to make iTunes an ideal total media management solution for serving media to all your devices (including non-Apple devices).
iHomeServer provides a variety of features which can be used separately or in combination with each other.  At it's core, iHomeServer is still committed to end users who want to run iTunes as a background service on a Windows Home Server, dedicated iTunes workstation or just a spare PC you have lying around. iHomeServer™ starts iTunes automatically when the computer starts, keeps it running and allows you to manage iTunes without having to physically access the computer, for example via the Windows Home Server Management Console or via the web. It also makes it really easy to add new media to your iTunes Media Server.  iHomeServer v3 also caters for end users who want to run iTunes normally on their desktop meachine but take advantage of the features that iHomeServer adds to iTunes such as advanced metadata editing/searching, DVD/BluRay ripping, Web streaming, DLNA streaming and much much more.
For further information on how to download iHomeServer™, please visit our web-site: http://www.bizmodeller.com/iHomeServer_for_iTunes.aspx