Music or video does not play on my DLNA client

Although DLNA is a cross-vendor standard, different hardware vendors support different codecs / media container file formats and can be particularly picky about which file formats they will play.  Although we have tested iHomeServer DLNA access on many devices from different vendors, there will always be DLNA clients where iHomeServer DLNA access either does not work or partially works.  We do not support all combinations of all devices, and therefore rely on you to test your specific client combination during the iHomeServer trial period.
Note that you can potentially use the transcoding features built into iHomeServer to transcode formats that your DLNA device cannot play natively into playable devices.
First try to work out which file types are not playing successfully - for example, are MP3 files playing but M4A audio files not playing?   If so, then try to select one of the transcoding profiles that transcodes M4A files into WAV files, for example Generic DLNA Audio (MP3 + WAV LE) or Generic DLNA Audio (MP3 + WAV BE).  If this resolves the issue then move onto video files.  If MP4 files play ok, but M4V / MOV files do not play then try the Generic DLNA Transcoded (Full) profile which will transcode M4V/MOV files into an MP4 container.
Although we have provided some profiles to help with this, however, you can potentailly develop your own by following the instructions in the Transcoding section.