Video Conversions using Handbrake

iHomeServer supports the automation of video conversions by integrating with the excellent Handbrake video conversion software.  Handbrake is a third party software product that is not affiliated with bizmodeller or iHomeServer.
If you have Handbrake installed on the same computer running iHomeServer then the following iHomeServer features are available:
1. iHomeServer Watch Folders can be configured to scan for non iTunes friendly video files.  If files are found, they can be queued for conversion to iTunes friendly video formats using Handbrake.  Please see the section on configuring Video Conversions for Watch Folders for further information on this topic.
2. DVDs / Blu-Rays can be ripped on a disk by disk basis by clicking an icon on the iHomeServer Conversions tab.  Pleae see this topic for further information.
3. iHomeServer can be configured to detect new DVDs / Blu-Rays being inserted into your disk drive and to automatically start the ripping process in Handbrake.  Once the disk has been ripped, iHomeServer can AutoTag the resulting video file and add it to iTunes automatically.  Pleae see this topic for further information.
Note that you can configure a custom set of command-lines to run post the conversion a file if you want to do any post-processing on the converted video.  Please see the topic on the External Programs settings tab by clicking on this link.