Accessing iTunes on your Pure Evoke Flow radio

To access your iTunes library on your Pure Evoke Flow radio using the iHomeServer DLNA Server, follow these steps:

1. Find the 'Media Player' menu from the top menu of your Pure Evoke Flow:

Accessing iTunes on your Pure Evoke Flow radio
Here is a close up of the menu:

2. Select the 'Media Player' menu and your Evoke Pure will search for DLNA services on your network:

You should find your iHomeServer instance in this list.

3. Select the iHomeServer instance you want to stream your iTunes library from:

You should now see your iTunes playlists available on your Pure EVOKE flow.  This example will now continue to browse your Music collection, however, you can select a Playlist at this point and play the entire playlist if you prefer.

4. Choose whether to navigate your Music collection by Album, Artist, Genre or individual Songs:


5. Select 'Albums' to see your songs grouped by Album:


6. Select an Album to open its tracks (or tap 'Play' to play the entire album):

Note that an asterix (*) denotes that a track has not yet been played in iTunes.

7. When you play a track, the track metadata will be available within Evoke Flow display:

You can use the normal Pure Evoke Flow's previous and next buttons and select to loop or shuffle your playlist.  Please refer to the Pure Evoke Flow's user guide for further information.