TV Season Auto-Tag : Map Episodes

Once you have selected the correct TV show on the first screen of the TV Season Auto-Tagging Wizard, press Next and you must now confirm the Season of the TV series and then map the individual files you have selected to episode numbers.  iHomeServer will attempt to automatically detect the season and episode numbers based on your file names (eg 01x10 or S01E02).  The season may also be guessed from the name of the parent folder (eg "Season 2").
iHomeServerâ„¢ will present a list of all the TV files you selected to be auto-tagged in a grid with a proposed episode number in the next column.  The episode numbers will be assigned incrementally from 1 in the order in which you originally selected the files.  You can change the starting episode number using the 'First episode drop-down'.  You can also move a filename up or down using the 'Shift up' and 'Shift down' buttons.  You can also enter an episode number directly into the relevant Episode cell of the grid.
When you have completed the mapping, press the 'Finish' button to complete mapping and start the Auto-Tagging process.
TV Season Auto-Tag : Map Episodes

Season drop down

1. Season drop down
Select the season of the TV series you wish to Auto-Tag.

First episode drop down

2. First episode drop down
Select the first episode in the sequence of episodes that has been selected.

File to episode

number mapping

3. File to episode 
number mapping
Shows the current mapping of files to episode numbers.  You can change the mapping by changing the first episode (using the drop-down box), using the Shift up and down buttons or typing directly into the relevant cell.

Shift up button

4. Shift up button
Shift the selected file up the list of episode numbers.

Shift down button

5. Shift down button
Shift the selected file down the list of episode numbers.

Finish button

6. Finish button
Press Finish to complete the selection of the TV series data and to start Auto-Tagging.

Previous button

7. Previous button
Click 'Previous' to return to the TV Show selection screen.

Tag Provider Info button

8. Tag Provider Info button
Click this button to see further information about the tag/metadata service providers that are used by iHomeServer.