Updating iHomeServer

From time to time, we will update iHomeServerâ„¢ with bug fixes or new features.  There are two possible updates you can perform - production and pre-release.  The production release has been tested internally and externally by our beta testers and is a stable release with up-to-date documentation. 
The pre-release version has received limited testing internally and is still being tested by beta testers; documentation may not be updated and some features may not work as expected, however you will gain access to the latest new features.

Notification of new versions

By default, iHomeServer will check for new versions daily.  If a new version is available, it will display a message on the main iHomeServer Management Console screen indicating which version is available.  You can click this link and you will be taken to the download page.  On Windows Home Server 2011, you will also receive a notification in the Add-ins tab of the main console window.  You can click 'Upgrade' on this notification to start the upgrade process.

Upgrading iHomeServer - All Operating Systems except Windows Home Server v1

The process for upgrading iHomeServer on all operating systems except Windows Home Server v1 is to just repeat the installation steps for iHomeServer.  You do not need to uninstall the old version of iHomeServer prior to upgrading.  As always, we recommend making a backup of your server prior to upgrading as it is not supported to revert to a previous version without clearing your iHomeServer database.
If you do not uninstall the previous version, there is no need to re-enter your iTunes credentials on upgrade and all your settings will remain in-tact, including Watch Folders.

Upgrading iHomeServer - Windows Home Server v1 Only

The process for upgrading Windows Home Server v1 installations of iHomeServer is different to other operating systems.  For WHSv1, it is critical that you uninstall iHomeServer using the Windows Home Server Settings / Addin tab prior to updating the iHomeServerConsole32.msi file in your server's Add-in folder.  The sequence should be:
  1. Backup your server prior to upgrading as it is not supported to revert to a previous version of iHomeServer post-upgrade.
  2. Log in to your WHS Console in the normal way
  3. Click on the WHS Settings icon ( )
  4. Click the Add-ins tab on the left hand side.  You should now see the installed version of iHomeServer under the 'Installed' tab:

  5. Click 'Uninstall' to uninstall iHomeServer
  6. Now download the latest version of iHomeServer from our release or pre-release site.
  7. Copy the downloaded iHomeServerConsole32.msi file to your server's Add-in folder and re-install following the normal installation instructions.
  8. Note that although you will have to repeat entering the credentials you want to use to run iTunes, as long as they are the same credentials as you were running under the previous version all your iHomeServer settings will remain in-tact, including Watch Folders.