iTunes Library - Album / Artist / Genre View (iHomeServer Web Access)

Drilling into an Album, Artist or Genre from the Music View will open that group so you can view the individual tracks.
iTunes Library - Album / Artist / Genre View (iHomeServer Web Access)
The key functions are described below:

iHomeServer Web Main Menu

1. iHomeServer Web Main Menu
Brings up the iHomeServer main menu to access other areas of the Web Interface

Album / Artist Cover Art

2. Album / Artist Cover Art
Shows the cover art and descriptions of the album or artist tracks being displayed.  You can modify the track cover art by using the editing track metadata functionality built in to both iHomeServer and iHomeServer Web Access.

Track list

3. Track list
Shows the list of tracks within this group along with their ratings and durations.  Clicking on a track will bring up a popup menu where the action you wish to perfom can be chosen.

Play All Tracks Here (Stream)

4. Play All Tracks Here (Stream)
This button will queue the currently showing album or artist group and stream them to the device you are using to access iHomeServer Web Access.
After you select the button, you will be taken to the Now Playing screen which shows full screen cover art and allows you to jump between the tracks you have queued.

Track Rating

5. Track Rating
The current iTunes track rating is displayed in the web interface.  You can change the rating of a track by clicking the 'Rating' menu item in the Track Actions menu.

Play All Tracks on iTunes (Remote)

6. Play All Tracks on iTunes (Remote)
This button will queue the currently showing album or artist group in iTunes running on the computer running iHomeServer.  Unlike the 'Play All Here' button which will stream the tracks to the device you are using, if you use the 'Play All iTunes' button, your music will start playing through the speakers of the computer running iTunes / iHomeServer.

Multi-select button

7. Multi-select button
If you tap on an individual track, a popup menu will appear that let's you can perform actions on that track such as playing the track, editing its metadata, adding it to playlists, etc.
If, instead, you want to perform actions on multiple tracks simultaneously, eg changing the Album metadata field of all tracks in an album, you can press the 'Multi Select' mode that will allow you to select multiple tracks to perform actions on.  Please see this topic for further information.