Video Player (iHomeServer Web Access)

You can  choose to play a video file from either the iHomeServer Web Access iTunes View or by navigating to a file via the Watch Folder view by clicking the track and clicking 'Play Here'.
If you are using a phone device, the video will start playing full screen after prompting you to choose a video bandwidth.  If you are using a larger format device such as a tablet or computer, then the following window will open providing metadata information about the video:
Video Player (iHomeServer Web Access)
The key features and controls on this screen are described below:

Video playback window

1. Video playback window
The video playback window is where your video will be streamed to.  Each browser or device may render the playback controls differently so your display may look slightly different to the screen shot above.
Most devices include transport controls for play/pause, seek, volume controls plus a button to expand the video to be full screen.

Play button

2. Play button
Toggles between playing the media and pausing playback..

Full screen mode

3. Full screen mode
Toggles the video so that it plays in full screen mode.  Depending on your browser, you normally return to non-full screen mode by tapping the video.

Progress / Seek control

4. Progress / Seek control
Allows seeking of the video content.  Note that seeking may not be available if you are transcoding playback, eg to reduce bandwidth requirements.

Volume control

5. Volume control
Alters the volume levle of the video that is playing.

Select Transcoding Profile

6. Select Transcoding Profile
iHomeServer allows either the original video stream to be played or a transcoded version of the video stream that can use less bandwidth.
For example, if you are using a phone to watch a HD film remotely, you may want to lower the bandwidth because of your lower bandwidth 3G connnection or to save mobile internet costs.
To change the transcoding profile used, tap the field value (where it says 'None' in the screenshot) and a popup menu will appear allowing you to select a different transcoding profile.
For further information on transcoding, please see the this topic.

Track Metadata

7. Track Metadata
Below the video window, key metadata about the playing track is displayed for your convenience.  Remember you can edit this metadata by using the metadata editing features built into iHomeServer and iHomeServer Web Access.