Multi Select Mode (iHomeServer Web Access)

iHomeServer Web Access allows you to perform operations on multiple tracks at once - for example, you can AutoTag an entire TV episode, or add several files to your favorite playlist at once.  Most iHomeServer Web Access views will have a button called 'Multi Select' in the top right hand corner:
Pressing this button will toggle multiselect mode and change the view to resemble the following:
Multi Select Mode (iHomeServer Web Access)
The key features are summarised below:

Single vs MultiSelect Toggle

1. Single vs MultiSelect Toggle
This button will normally say 'Multiselect' which triggers Multiselect mode.  If you are already in Multiselect mode, then the button will show 'Single Select' and cancel you out of multiselect mode.

Toggle Selection

2. Toggle Selection
Clicking the radio button next to each track will toggle its selection status from selected to unselected and back again.

Select All Tab Button

3. Select All Tab Button
The Select All Tab Button will select all tracks in the current view.

Edit Metadata Tab Button

4. Edit Metadata Tab Button
The 'Edit Metadata' button will open up the metadata editing page for all the selected tracks simultaneously.  For example, this will allow you to modify the Album Name of all selected tracks to the same value.  Please see 'Editing metadata remotely' for further information.

AutoTag Tab Button

5. AutoTag Tab Button
The AutoTag Tab Button will first prompt you whether you are AutoTagging Movie or Television Episodes.  If you select 'Movies' then iHomeserver will cycle through each of the selected tracks and search the Internet for the best matching metadata based on a number of criteria.  If a match is found, iHomeServer will apply the metadata to your track and update iTunes.
If you select 'Television' then iHomeServer will prompt you to enter the TV Show and Season details.  Once entered, you can then match your tracks to season episodes and then apply the changes en-masse to an entire season of television episodes.
Please see the 'Autotagging Remotely' topic for further information.

Delete Tab Button

6. Delete Tab Button
The Delete Tab Button removes all the selected tracks from the current Playlist.  If the playlist is an iTunes library, eg the Music library, then your tracks will be removed from iTunes.

Add to Playlist Tab Button

7. Add to Playlist Tab Button
The Add to Playlist Tab Button will prompt you to select an iTunes playlist to add the selected tracks to.