Pairing your iHomeServer instance with your Stream My iTunes Account

Once you have created and activated your account on the Stream My iTunes web site, you now need to pair your iHomeServer instance with your Stream My iTunes account.  This will allow you, and only you, to access your iTunes library by logging into your Stream My iTunes account.
The quickest way to do this is to click the 'Enable' button (labelled [2] in the diagram below) on the iHomeServer Console home page:
Pairing your iHomeServer instance with your Stream My iTunes Account
Once you press 'Enable', the following dialog will appear:
Simply enter the Stream My iTunes username (usually your email address) and the Password you created on the Stream My iTunes web site during registration.
Remember that accessing your iHomeServer Web Access from the Internet requires a TCP port to be opened on your home router and forwarded to the computer running iHomeServer (by default TCP port 42052).  If your router supports UPNP firewall rules, then enabling the check box "Try to create inbound firewall rule using UPNP" will attempt to create the rule in your firewall automatically.
Otherwise you will need to configure your router manually.  You can find more information about configuring your router here.
If pairing has been successful you will see the following dialog:

Common Error Messages


"The username and/or password entered were not correct.\n\nYou must first register account at"

This error occurs if you have entered a username/password does not match the one you entered when you registered your account on the Stream My iTunes website.  Remember that you must register separately with Stream My iTunes even if you already have another account, for example an Apple account.  You cannot use your Apple credentials to sign into Stream My iTunes.
Please log into the Stream My iTunes web site and verify your connections work and then try again.

"iHomeServer has been paired with StreamMyiTunes however, iHomeServer running on your computer is not accessible from the internet."

This error means that the pairing process succeeded, however, the Stream My iTunes web site performed a connectivity test back to your iHomeServer instance which was unsuccessful.  You may receive this error for various reasons, such as:
  1. If automatic configuration of your UPNP network router was unsuccessful,
  2. Your network router does not support UPNP,
  3. You have not correctly configured your router manually to allow port forwarding.

This instance of iHomeServer is already registered in StreamMyiTunes - please remove it by logging into the StreamMyiTunes web site

You can only pair one instance of iHomeServer with one Stream My iTunes account.  If you have already paired your copy of iHomeServer with Stream My iTunes, then log in to the Stream My iTunes web site that is already paired with this instance and click the "Remove" option to unpair it.  Then try again.

iHomeServer is not currently licensed, or your subscription for updates has expired.  Please log into the website to renew your support subscription

Access to the Stream My iTunes features requires a valid iHomeServer update/support subscription.  You will have received an initial one year subscription when you purchased your copy of iHomeServer, however, this can be extended on the website.  This error message will appear if your support subscription has expired.