Ripping CDs

iTunes can be configured to automatically rip CDs when they are inserted.  iTunes will perform metadata and cover art lookups for known CDs from the internet.  Therefore, if you have a CD drive in your server, we suggest you set up iTunes as per the screen shot above, i.e. - import CD and Eject and configure iTunes to retrieve CD track and missing album artwork from the Internet.
Note that if iTunes cannot uniquely identify the CD that has been inserted, it would normally present a window to allow you to choose which CD has actually been entered.  If iHomeServerâ„¢ has been installed in 'Windows Service' mode, then it cannot present this dialog as it is designed to run unattended, therefore, if there is unique identification of the CD, the CD may not be ripped.
Ripping CDs

Insert CD Action

1. Insert CD Action
Determine the action that iTunes should perform when a CD is inserted.

"Import Settings..." button

2. "Import Settings..." button
Configure which encoder / compressor is used when the CD is imported.

Automatic metadata lookup

3. Automatic metadata lookup
iTunes will look up CD track information from the Internet and populate track metadata automatically.

Automatically download artwork

4. Automatically download artwork
iTunes will look up CD album artwork from the Internet and embed within the CD tracks.