Known Limitations

Note there are some known limitations with Stream My iTunes access.  These are discussed below:

1. DRM

As with normal iHomeServer Web Access, only media files that are NOT protected with DRM or Apple FairPlay can be streamed via iHomeServer Web Access or Stream My iTunes.  Most audio tracks downloaded from the iTunes Store since 2009 have not used DRM so should play fine, however, Apple still uses DRM for movie/television shows that are purchased from the Apple Store so these cannot be streamed.  Media that you have added to iTunes itself, eg via Handbrake encoding, should stream ok.

2. Proxies / Firewall ports

Stream My iTunes requires a HTTPS connection between the computer you are using and the computer at home that is running iHomeServer.  Some office or public internet/wifi networks may use proxy servers or restrict firewall ports and therefore block the traffic going to your computer.

3. Bandwidth

Remember that the content being streamed is served from your computer running iHomeServer - it is not served from the cloud as, with Stream My iTunes. your media stays safely with you and does not require uploading to a third party.  The flip side to this is that streaming relies on the bandwidth availability at both the location you are accessing iHomeServer from (eg an internet cafe) plus the bandwidth on your home broadband (and particularly the UPLOAD bandwidth).  You need to have sufficient bandwidth to stream your content, although do note that you can use iHomeServer's built in transcoding functions to lower the bitrate requirements of most video formats.

4. Browser Compatibility

Although we have tested iHomeServer Web Access on as many devices as possible, there will always be browsers or device combinations where iHomeServer Web Access either does not work or partially works.  We do not support all combinations of all devices, and therefore rely on you to test your specific browser / device combination during the iHomeServer trial period.  Some specific known issues are noted below:

4.1 iOS Devices Must Trust the iHomeServer Root Certificate to Stream

As discussed above, for most devices trusting the iHomeServer Root Certificate is an optional step.  However, for iOS devices accessing iHomeServer Web Access remotely over the internet, the step is mandatory.  You may accept the certificate warning when you access the iHomeServer Web Access and this will allow you to access the iHomeServer interface successfully.  However, streaming music or video will not work unless you have previously trusted the certificate.  This is due to the behaviour of Safari on iOS not passing your security exception down to the audio and video sub-components within iOS responsible for rendering your media.

4.2 Media cannot be streamed on Windows Phone 8

We are looking into an issue with Windows Phone 8 where the phone terminates the HTTPS connection as soon as you attempt to stream either music or video.  This appears to be a bug within the Windows Phone 8 system, however, we are investigating workarounds and will update this documentation when resolved.  Note this restriction does not apply when accessing iHomeServer from a local network over HTTP.  The issue is therefore specific to accessing iHomeServer over the internet on HTTPS.