Known Limitations

Note there are some known limitations with iHomeServer Web Access.  These are discussed below:

1. DRM

As with normal iHomeServer Web Access, only media files that are NOT protected with DRM or Apple FairPlay can be streamed via iHomeServer Web Access or Stream My iTunes.  Most audio tracks downloaded from the iTunes Store since 2009 have not used DRM so should play fine, however, Apple still uses DRM for movie/television shows that are purchased from the Apple Store so these cannot be streamed.  Media that you have added to iTunes itself, eg via Handbrake encoding, should stream ok.

2. Browser Compatibility

Although we have tested iHomeServer Web Access on as many devices as possible, there will always be browsers or device combinations where iHomeServer Web Access either does not work or partially works.  We do not support all combinations of all devices, and therefore rely on you to test your specific browser / device combination during the iHomeServer trial period.

3. Network Access

Note that iHomeServer Web Access is restricted to browsers whose IP addresses are in the same subnet as your iHomeServer Server.  This is enforced for your security as there is no authentication on the internal iHomeServer Web Access interface.  If you want to stream your iTunes library over the internet, please refer to the topic on Stream My iTunes which extends iHomeServer Web Access to allow access over the internet.