Updating iTunes

It is important to keep iTunes up-to-date to ensure functional and security patches are applied.  Apple also brings out new functionality with new releases of iTunes.

Notification of new versions

iTunes will normally display a dialog box when you open iTunes and a new version of iTunes is available.  These dialog boxes are not visible when running iTunes under iHomeServer, however, they will appear in the iHomeServer Messages window.  Alternatively, check the Apple website for the latest release.
Important Note -

Check iHomeServer Compatibility before upgraing

iHomeServer runs and interacts with iTunes through various mechanisms including Apple's published iTunes API.  It is possible that future releases of iTunes may change the way some APIs work or break/change how some functionality of iHomeServer works.  For example, the method that iHomeServer employs to dismiss dialog boxes when iTunes starts up depends on how iTunes presents these dialog boxes.
We frequently test iHomeServer against updates to iTunes, however, we recommend that you only upgrade your instance of iTunes after checking the iHomeServer home page.  Under the 'SPECIFICATION' section and the 'OTHER REQUIREMENTS' sub-section, the latest version of iTunes that has been tested with iHomeServer will be stated:

Upgrading iTunes

To upgrade iTunes, follow the following steps:
  1. Backup your system so you can restore it at a later date if required.
  2. Stop iTunes from running under iHomeServer control, by clicking Stop iTunes in the bottom right-hand corner of the iHomeServer Management Console.
  3. If you are not logged into your server using the account you wish to use to run iTunes, then re-log in as this account.
  4. Start iTunes once, and accept the Terms and Conditions (if they have changed).
  5. Close iTunes and log-off
  6. Restart iTunes under iHomeServer control by clicking Start iTunes in the bottom right-hand corner of the iHomeServer Management Console.