Accessing iTunes via XBMC

To access your iTunes library on XBMC using the iHomeServer DLNA Server, follow these steps.

1. Select the 'Music' tab from the XBMC main menu:

Your XBMC screen should look like the following:

2. Click 'Add source' to add a new music source

Your XBMC screen should look like the following:

3. Click 'Browse' to browse the music sources available to XBMC


4. Find 'UPnP Devices' which will search your network for DLNA devices

The list of DLNA devices available on your network should now appear.

4. Select the iHomeServer instance from which you want to stream you iTunes music library


5. Click 'OK' to confirm the selection


6. Click 'OK' to confirm your added music source:


7. You can now select your added iHomeServer as a music source and navigate your iTunes library from within XBMC:

Note that you can navigate your video library in the same fashion by selecting the Video tab on the XBMC main menu.