Edit track metadata window (Get Info) - Info Tab

iHomeServerâ„¢ allows you to manually edit the metadata of any track that has been successfully added to iTunes 
To edit track metadata, select one or more tracks from either the Watch Folder or iTunes View tabs, right click the tracks and click 'Get Info':
Note that the "Edit track metadata" window, allows you to set the same field values on modify multiple files at once.   Therefore, if you select 5 files and change the Artist value to 'My Album', then all files will be updated with the same value.  If you wish to make separate changes to separate files, then select 'Get Info' separately on each file, commit the change and then select the next file.
The "Edit track metadata" window is shown below:
Edit track metadata window (Get Info) - Info Tab

"Auto-fill From" Field

1. "Auto-fill From" Field
All the tracks that were selected will be available in this drop-down box.  When you select an item from the box, the metadata fields on the form will be set to the values from the selected item.  This is very useful if metadata/artwork is correct for one track and you want to use those values as a template for other tracks, say, in the same album.

Search Web for Metadata

2. Search Web for Metadata
If the track is a movie or TV show, you can search the Internet using several metadata providers to autopopulate metadata for the selected movie or show.  Artwork can also be selected.  Please see the topic on Internet Metadata Search for further information.

Metadata Edit Fields

The metadata edit fields map to the iTunes fields presented in the native iTunes interface.

Artwork Area

4. Artwork Area
The Artwork Area allows you to modify metadata artwork.  Clicking anywhere in the artwork area will open the following context menu:
Browse - will clear the existing artwork in the track
Browse for images... - will allow you to select an image from the file system.
Paste - will paste the current image on the clipboard into the track

iTunes Ratings Field

5. iTunes Ratings Field
The iTunes Ratings field allows you to select a rating which will be displayed alongside the track in iTunes and Home Sharing clients.

Video Metadata tab

6. Video Metadata tab
The Video Metadata tab allows you to edit standard and extended iTunes video metadata, including the video description, content rating, HD flag, producers, directors and cast.  Please see Edit track metadata window - Video tab for further information.