Messages window

The Messages Window provides a list of key alerts that either iHomeServerâ„¢ or iTunes has generated.    You can access the Messages window by clicking 'Messages' on the main iHomeServer Console window.  Note that the button will glow red if there is an unread error message or yellow if there is unread warning message.
iHomeServer runs iTunes in the background but even when running in the background, iTunes may present dialog boxes to the user to confirm actions or raise warnings.  As iHomeServer is designed to run as a service without user intervention, it dismisses all iTunes dialog boxes automatically.
Whenever iHomeServer detects an iTunes generated dialog, it will log the text within the dialog in the 'Messages' window.  Other messages, generated within iHomeServer itself, are also logged here including when it starts and stops iTunes and when long running tasks (such as the merging of an iTunes Media XML file) start and complete.
Messages window
Only the most recent 100 messages will be displayed in the Message List.  Pressing 'Refresh' will update the list of messages from the server (note that the list does not automatically refresh).
Double-clicking a message will bring up further information about the message, eg:
Some messages may include an attachment; for example, if you import an iTunes Library XML file from another instance of iTunes, an attachment log will be created which shows how iHomeServer merged the information.  Such attachments can be opened by clicking the 'View' button.  Note that this can only be performed locally on the server running iHomeServer, or within an RDP session that is connected to server running iHomeServer (such as via the WHS dashboard).