iHomeServer Settings

The Settings window allows you to modify settings and preferences within iHomeServerâ„¢.  On all Operating Systems it is available by pressing the 'Settings' button within the iHomeServer Management Console.  Groups of controls are arranged into separate tabs:
iHomeServer Settings
Each tab is discussed in further detail in subsequent topics:

iTunes Tab

The iTunes Tab allows you to set up where your iTunes installation is installed, which user account to use and provides access to general settings that affect how iHomeServer works.

Credentials Tab

The Credentials Tab shows which credentials are being used to run the iTunes process

License Tab

The License Tab provides information on your current iHomeServer license and lets you register for an iHomeServer license key

Network Tab

The Network Tab lets you configure the network ports that are used by iHomeServer and enable/disable iHomeServer Web Streaming services.

StreamMyiTunes Tab

The StreamMyiTunes tab lets you manually configure public IP and port information for StreamMyiTunes services as well as help you connection troubleshoot through a Connection Test window.

Watch Folders Tab

The Watch Folders Tab allows you to configure which file types are monitored by Watch Folders, file conversion settings and other Watch Folder specific settings.

Video Conversions Tab

The Video Conversions Tab allows you to configure which file formats iHomeServer will pass to Handbrake to video convert and other video conversion settings.


The DLNA tab lets you enable/disable iHomeServer DLNA services and set up transcoding rules

Metadata Tab

The Metadata Tab allows you to configure how metadata services within iHomeServer operate.  This includes what language metadata searching and tagging should be performed in.

Ext Programs Tab

The Ext Programs Tab lets you configure programs to start on starting up or when a conversion has completed.

Plugins Tab

The Plugins Tab lets you configure iHomeServer Plugins.

Logs Tab

The Logs Tab provides information about the iHomeServer log files.

Cache Tab

The Cache Tab allows you to clear the iHomeServer Cache database.
Important Note
On Windows Home Server v1, the settings window will be embedded within the standard Windows Home Server settings window under the 'iHomeserver' setting.