Excluding words from AutoTag lookups

The AutoTag feature will attempt to perform a best-guess of the name of your film or TV series based on the media's filename or existing Title tags.
iHomeServer automatically cleans this filename using some simple rules, like removing dashes ('-'), underscores ('_') and periods ('.'), known movie resolution strings such as 720p and 1080i and common codec identifiers such as divx.
You can create a dictionary file that iHomeServer will use to remove further known strings from the name of the file before it attempts to contact metadata providers.  This can be useful if you use a different naming convention for movies that includes a standard string that prevents AutoTag from working correctly.
To create this dictionary, use NOTEPAD to create a text file called 'MetadataIgnoreWords.txt' in your iHomeServer Program folder (c:\Program Files\iHomeServer) - note this file does not exist by default.
Add words to ignore  to the file, one word on each line - note that the file supports regular expression phrases.
For example, to remove the word 'movie' from any AutoTag search request, add the following to the file:
For example, to the word 'movie' in a case-insensitive form, add the following to the file:
Changes will be picked up on the next AutoTag without having to restart iHomeServer.
If you have issues with AutoTag not picking up your movie or television titles correctl, please have a look at the iHomeServer.log file for detailed logging information.