Selecting Tracks for Editing Metadata (iHomeServer Web Access)


Single Track Editing

You can select a single music or video track in order to edit its metadata using the iTunes Library View or Watch Folder views of iHomeServer Web Access.  Simply navigate your library through the touch interface and then when you have found the track you want to edit, tap it and select the 'Edit Metadata' option to manually edit the metadata field by field or the 'AutoTag' option to allow iHomeServer to attempt to automatically look up the correct metadata and assign it to your track:
Please see this topic for further information on the Track Actions menu.

Multiple Track Editing

You can also edit multiple tracks simultaneously, for example, to edit the Album field of all tracks within the same Watch Folder or album.  To do this, navigate to the iTunes Library or Watch Folder view that contains the tracks of interest.  Then click/tap the 'Multi-Select' button in the top right hand corner.  This will enable multi-select mode where you can now tap the tracks you want to select.  Finally, click the 'Edit Metadata' or 'AutoTag' buttons on the bottom toolbar that appears in multi-select mode: