AutoTag Television Episodes - iHomeServer Web Access

If you select to AutoTag a set of tracks that you want to be TV Episode', then you will be asked to confirm which show you are tagging episodes from, then select the season, and then match your individual tracks against episodes.

Step 1: Confirm the Television Show

First enter the name of the show that the media tracks you have selected belong to, then click 'Search'.  In the example below, we have searched for the television show 'Sherlock':
Choose the TV show that best matches the tracks you want to AutoTag.

Step 2: Confirm the Season

Once you have selected the TV show in Step 1, iHomeServer will search the Internet for known seasons of that television episode.  Select from the list which season matches the media tracks you want to AutoTag:
Note that, as in the screen shot above, Season 0 often denotes 'Specials' eg Christmas Special Editions.  Click or tap the season that matches the media tracks you want to AutoTag.

Step 3: Match Your Media Tracks to Episodes

Finally, iHomeServer will show you the list of episodes that are known for the season you selected in Step 2.  On this screen, the list of known episodes is shown in the left hand line (annotation [1]).  On the right hand list are slots where you can place the video tracks that you want to tag (annotation [2]).  You simply match the real episode (on the left) with your media file (on the right).
AutoTag Television Episodes - iHomeServer Web Access
To select a media file, tap the slot on the right hand side and a popup will appear with the filenames of the tracks you originally selected for AutoTagging:
Tap the filename you want to map to the specific episode.  Repeat this step for as many tracks as you want to AutoTag.  Note that you do not need to select a file against each episode - iHomeServer will only tag episodes which you have mapped to a file and ignore the rest
When you are happy with your mapping, select the 'AutoTag' button.  iHomeServer will loop through the tracks you have mapped and update the metadata and artwork in iTunes and the tracks themselves.