Now Playing (iHomeServer Web Access)

The Now Playing view is used whenever audio / music tracks are being streamed to your device/browser.  You can select your music playlist by navigating your library either using the iTunes View or Watch Folder web view, and then using either the Track Actions menu when you tap a track, or using the multi-selection feature.
Now Playing (iHomeServer Web Access)
The key components of the Now Playing view are described below:

Progress and Seek Bar

1. Progress and Seek Bar
Shows the current progress of the track.  You can seek to a different position in the track by dragging the slider left or right.

View Queued Playlist Tracks

2. View Queued Playlist Tracks
If multiple tracks are queued into a custom playlist, then you can select which track to play by selecting the 'View Queued Playlist Tracks' button in the top right hand corner.  This will display a pop up with the individual tracks in the playlist.  Please refer to this topic for further information .

Track Name

3. Track Name
The name of the track being played

Artist Name

4. Artist Name
The name of the artist of the track being played

Shuffle Toggle

5. Shuffle Toggle
If this toggle switch is set to 'on', then the tracks will play in a random shuffled order,  If set to 'off' the tracks will play in playlist order. .

Previous Track

6. Previous Track
Plays the previous track in the playlist

Pause / Play

7. Pause / Play
If the track is playing, then use this button to pause the stream.  If the track is already paused, this will resume playing

Next Track

8. Next Track
Plays the next track in the playlist

Loop Playlist

9. Loop Playlist
Toggles whether the playlist should repeat from the beginning when the last track has finished