[Available in Version 2.2.x and later]
Auto-tagging is the quickest way of tagging your movies and TV episodes with metadata and artwork such as the media's title, description, actors, directors and cover art.  Whilst iHomeServerâ„¢ also allows you to perform manual metadata editing and manual internet searching, Auto-Tag will perform best-guess metadata tagging of selected media files.
In order to begin Auto-tagging, first select the Movie/TV media tracks you wish to Auto-Tag.  This can be done on either the Watch Folder or iTunes View tabs, and you can select multiple files as required:
Right click the selection, and click 'Auto-Tag'.  You will then be asked which type of media tracks you are tagging - movies or television tracks:
Select 'Movies' to tag the selected files as Movies or 'Television Episodes' to tag the files as a televieion episodes.  Note that Auto-Tag works differently for Movies and TV episodes.
Movies will be tagged using data from the best-guess automatically with no further user involvement required.  When Auto-Tagging is complete, a window will be displayed showing a summary of what tags have been set.  You then have the option to fine-tune or modify metadata using the metadata edit window.
If you have chosen to Auto-Tag a selection of tracks that includes TV episodes, then you will be prompted to confirm the TV series name and season.  iHomeServer will guess the name of the TV series, the season number and the episode if it can deduce it from your file / folder structure.  You will be given the opportunity to confirm file name to episode numbers and the season number before committing the changes.  Please see the Auto-Tag TV Series wizard topic for further information.
Whilst iHomeServer Auto-Tags the selected movies or TV episodes, the following progress window will be shown:
When Auto-Tagging has completed, the Auto-Tag summary window will open to show what tags have been set.
Once Auto-Tag completes, the following window will be displayed to show the results of the tagging operation:
The results screen will show the artwork, title and description that has been matched for each file you selected to Auto-Tag.  If Auto-Tagging has picked the wrong file, you can double-click a row (or click the "Manual Search" button) to either edit the metadata manually or launch a manual Internet search.
Note that you can ignore certain words in your filenames to help AutoTag correctly search for your movie correctly.  For example, if your filenames all include the phrase 'AppleTV', then you can tell iHomeServer to remove this phrase before it performs a metadata search.  Please see the topic on Excluding words from AutoTag lookups for further information.
Auto-Tagging and Watch Folders
Remember that you can also set a property on a Watch Folder to tell iHomeServer to auto-tag any new movies that have been added to a Watch Folder.  Please see the topic on adding a new Watch Folder for further information.