Enabling audio on WHS 2011 servers

Important Note
NB - the following advise is provided as-is with absolutely no warranty or further support.  This only be attempted by Advanced Users.  Ensure you backup your server before attempting these modifications.
You do not need to enable audio on any desktop/server in order for iHomeServer to start iTunes up. This is because iHomeServer detects the dialog boxes that iTunes presents if a sound card isn't found so that iTunes continues to start up normally.
However, you may wish to enable sound in your server for two reasons:
  1. If you install a Sound card in your server, you can use the Apple Remote app to play audio out of any speakers connected to your server.  You can also use the iTunes Player controls on the iHomeServer Management Console to do the same.
  2. If you are running iTunes interactively, either via Remote Desktop or via the iHomeServer Management Console, you can redirect the iTunes audio to your desktop.  This doesn't requir a real sound card, but a virtual sound card such as the Virtual Audio Cable will suffice.
In either of these scenarios, you need to enable the Windows sound services.  In the second scenario you also need to enable sound redirection on the server's Remote Desktop Session.
please follow these at your own risk as they are not supported by either bizmodeller or Microsoft.

Enabling Windows Sound Services

  1. Ensure a sound card is installed in the server, or install a virtual sound card (eg the excellent Virtual Audio Cable)
  2. Log into the server via Remote Desktop Connection
  3. Select Start / Administrative Tools / Services.  In the list of services, right click 'Windows Audio'
  4. Change the "Startup type" to 'Automatic'
  5. Restart iTunes using the iHomeServer Management Console

Enabling Windows Redirection on Remote Desktop Session configuration

  1. Log into the server via Remote Desktop Connection
  2. Go to Start / Administrative Tools / Remote Desktop Services / Remote Desktop Session Host Configuration
  3. Right click 'RDP-Tcp' and choose Properties:

  4. Uncheck 'Audio and video playback' from the 'Disable the following' list
  5. Log out of Remote Desktop
  6. If you have the Dashboard open, close it and re-open it
  7. You can now play audio if you launch iTunes via either Remote Desktop or from the 'Start iTunes interactively' menu when you press 'Start iTunes' within the iHomeServer Console.