Configure Watch Folder Video Conversion Settings window

You can configure Watch Folder Conversion settings by pressing the 'Configure Conversions' button on either the 'Add a new Watch Folder' or 'Edit a watch Folder' window within the iHomeServer Management Console.  The Configure Watch Folder Conversion Settings window allows you to set specific options that will be used when iHomeServer invokes Handbrake to perform video conversions.  Note that video conversions requires Handbrake to be downloaded and installed on your computer.
Note that the file extensions that will be queued for video conversions is set in the Video Conversions tab of the iHomeServer settings window and affect all Watch Folders that are enabled for video conversions.
Configure Watch Folder Video Conversion Settings window
Note that you can configure a custom set of command-lines to run post the conversion a file if you want to do any post-processing on the converted video.  Please see the topic on the External Programs settings tab by clicking on this link

Watch Folder

1. Watch Folder
This indicates the Watch Folder for which Conversion Settings are being created.  It is read only.

Delete source file after conversion check

2. Delete source file after conversion check
This option will delete the source file once the conversion has completed successfully.  This can be useful where the source file is no longer required in its original format, eg for television recordings in TS format.
Note this option is disabled if the source watch folder is a removeable drive such as a DVD or BluRay drive.

Detect and skip 'All episodes' title check

3. Detect and skip 'All episodes' title check
Some television DVDs contain an 'All episodes' title that concatenates all the episodes on the DVD.  Most users don't want to rip this title as you will be ripping the individual episodes for subsequent tagging.  Checking this option will attempt to detect and skip encoding of the All episodes title if a DVD is being ripped.

Output folder for conversions

4. Output folder for conversions
By default, the converted video files will be created within the same Watch Folder.  Checking this option allows you to specify an alternative folder for the converted files.  This option is mandatory if you are ripping from removeable media such as a DVD or BluRay.

Skip any title with a duration less than check

5. Skip any title with a duration less than check
Many DVD's have features or trailers which you may not want to be ripped.  Checking this box and specifying a minimum title duration will tell iHomeServer to not rip those tracks.  This is the best way of only ripping the main feature on a disc.

Handbrake conversion profile

6. Handbrake conversion profile
This drop down allows you to select the Handbrake built-in conversion profile to use during conversion.  The different profiles affect the output quality, size and bandwidth streaming requirements.  The Handbrake web site contains furhter information on the different profiles available.

Enable de-combing check

7. Enable de-combing check
This option will enable de-combing during the conversion process which is often used when ripping interlaced source content.

Conversion quality setting

8. Conversion quality setting
This drop down allows you to specify further quality settings for the conversion.  The options are "Profile Default" which will use the quality settings built into the original Handbrake profile, Constant Quality where the bandwidth will be modified to maintain a constant quality and Average Bitrate to specify a constant bandwidth but where quality will be modified.