Track Actions Menu (iHomeServer Web Access)

Selecting a track either on a playlist, album, artist or genre view or the Watch Folder view will bring up a popup menu.  This contains menu items for performing various functions on the selected track.  These are described below.
Track Actions Menu (iHomeServer Web Access)
Further information about each of the menu items are given below:

Play Here

This option will stream the selected track to your device.  If you select a music track, the Now Playing page will appear showing track information and cover art.
If you select a video track, if you are on a phone device, the video will start playing full screen.  If you are on a larger form factor such as a tablet or computer, a page will be displayed including metadata about the video and a pane showing the video.  This pane can be expanded.  Further further details click here.

Play via iTunes

This option will tell the iTunes application running on the computer which runs iHomeServer to start playing the track itself.  This therefore allows you to remote control your iTunes application from iHomeServer Web Access.  iTunes will use any existing AirPlay speaker configuration that has been set up, although, at the present time, iHomeServer Web Access does not allow you to enable/disable or change volume of AirPlay speakers.


This option allows you to download the track to save locally to your device instead of streaming/playing the media.  Note that support for this feature depends on the capabilities of the client device.  On some devices, the option may be hidden (eg iOS devices).

Edit Metadata

This menu option allows you to edit the iTunes metadata for either music or video tracks. You can specify track names, artist, album, cover art, genres, etc.  You can also specify additional attributes for video files such as producer, director, studio, parental rating, etc.
Please see the topic Editing metadata remotely for further information.


AutoTag is an extendion of the AutoTag feature built into the iHomeServer Console that allows you to apply Internet metadata tags to movies with a single click/tap.  This option is only available for video files (movies and television episodes).
Please see the topic on AutoTagging for further information

Add to Playlist

Clicking 'Add to Playlist' will bring up a pop up menu with your iTunes playlists.  Simply select the playlist to add the selected track.


Clicking 'Delete' will delete the track from iTunes and/or the selected playlist.


Clicking 'Rating' will allow you to change your iTunes rating for the selected track.  Please see rating your tracks remotely for further information.


Dismisses the popup menu