Enabling/Disabling iHomeServer Web Access

iHomeServer Web Access is enabled by default on a new installation of iHomeServer. You can enable/disable it in two ways:

iHomeServer Home Tab

The iHomeServer Home Tab provides a set of quick tasks for enabling and disabling the key features within iHomeServer.  This includes enabling and disabling iHomeServer Web Access.
Enabling/Disabling iHomeServer Web Access

Tick indicates feature is active

1. Tick indicates feature is active
The tick next to the ITUNES WEB ACCESS feature indicates that iHomeServer Web Access is now active and should be available on your local network.

URL to access Web Access

2. URL to access Web Access
To access iHomeServer Web Access simply click on the link provided in the feature quick task.  Alternatively, you can type this into the browser bar on any supported device on your network.

Edit Settings for Web Access

3. Edit Settings for Web Access
This link allows you to configure advanced features of iHomeServer Web Access including ports and transcoding options.

Enable / Disable Quick Link

4. Enable / Disable Quick Link
The Disable button will disable access to iHomeServer Web Access and stop the web server within iHomeServer.  This will disable Stream My iTunes access and DLNA access if these are also enabled.
Once disabled, the button will change to 'Enable' and allow you to re-enable access to iHomeServer Web Access.