Edit track metadata window - Video tab

The second tab of the 'Edit track metadata' window allows you to set Video metadata on the selected tracks.  iHomeServer allows you to set the standard metadata that appears in the iTunes 'Get Info' window, as well as additional metadata that is not normally editable within iTunes.
For example, you can set specific content ratings for your media as well as indicate whether the media is HD or not.  You can also specify Studio, Directors, Producers, Cast and Screenwriter properties. These properties get displayed on Apple TVs over Home Sharing; some of the properties also appear on other iOS devices such as iPhones / iPads.
Edit track metadata window - Video tab

iTunes Video Properties

1. iTunes Video Properties
These properties are those metadata properties that are editable via the normal iTunes 'Get Info' interface

Content Rating Properties

2. Content Rating Properties
You can choose a content rating to apply to the selected media. The first drop down box allows you to specify the content rating standard (i.e. country).  The second drop down box will then allow you to select which of the content ratings from that standard should be applied.

Extended iTunes Properties

3. Extended iTunes Properties
Extended iTunes Properties are not editable from within iTunes, however, are usually found embedded within videos that have been downloaded from the iTunes store.  iHomeServer allows you to edit these properties and store them in your own video.  They are displayed on Apple TVs; a subset of them are also displayed on other iOS devices.