Installaling the iHomeServer Root Certificate

One of the strengths of iHomeServer's Internet Access is that it is built on the encrypted HTTPS protocol preventing eavesdroppers from being able to access your iTunes library.
In order to make this happen, a certificate needs to be generated for your iHomeServer instance and then trusted by the device you want to use to access iHomeServer.
When you first pair iHomeServer with Stream My iTunes, iHomeServer automatically generates a unique iHomeServer Certificate Authority Certificate on your computer and then uses that certificate to generate another certificate that is used to secure the HTTPS traffic served by iHomeServer.
When you first access your iHomeServer Web Access remotely, you will be prompted to download and install the iHomeServer Certificate Authority Certificate to your client device:
If you select 'YES', it will allow your device to trust the certificate used to secure the HTTPS traffic and will allow you to seamlessly log into iHomeServer without any security warnings.  The steps involved for installing the certificate vary per device - the Stream My iTunes web page will attempt to provide customised instructions to your browser.  If no instructions are available please check with your browser / device's documentation on how to install a Root Certificate Authority certificate.
Installing the Root Certificate Authority certificate is a optional step for most devices (except iOS devices, see below).  If you choose not to install the iHomeServer Certificate Authority Certificate on your device then you will you will see a warning message similar to the following when you try to access iHomeServer remotely (the message depends on the browser or device being used):
Clicking 'Proceed anyway' will allow you to access your iHomeServer Web Access interface.

NB: iOS Devices Must Trust the iHomeServer Root Certificate to Stream

As discussed above, for most devices trusting the iHomeServer Root Certificate is an optional step.  However, for iOS devices accessing iHomeServer Web Access remotely over the internet, the step is mandatory.  You may accept the certificate warning when you access the iHomeServer Web Access and this will allow you to access the iHomeServer interface successfully.  However, streaming music or video will not work unless you have previously trusted the certificate.  This is due to the behaviour of Safari on iOS not passing your security exception down to the audio and video sub-components within iOS responsible for rendering your media.