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iHomeServer : Stream iTunes to DLNA Televisions, Hi-fis and Media Devices

With iHomeServer ...

...you can stream your iTunes

to Smart TVs, Hi-fis and other

DLNA devices, without an Apple TV!

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iHomeServer adds Smart TV streaming features to iTunes via DLNA

iHomeServer includes a built-in DLNA server that publishes your iTunes library to DLNA clients on your network. DLNA clients include most modern televisions, receivers, radios and computers. Now you can access your iTunes music, movies and television content from all your household devices

Stream iTunes to your Television and Hifi without an Apple TV

Most modern televisions, DVD/Blu-ray players and hifi support media streaming through a system called DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) - for example LG and Samsung Smart Televisions. Up until now, it hasn't been easy to stream your iTunes library to these devices unless you bought an Apple TV or AirPlay certified device.

iHomeServer changes that by publishing your iTunes library as a DLNA service on your home network. Now all these non-Apple devices can access your iTunes library so you can access your media more easily than ever before. Of course, if you already have an Apple TV, iHomeServer's other features such as iTunes as a Windows Service make your Apple TV even more useful than before

Navigate your iTunes library as you would in iTunes

Your DLNA device will present your iTunes library using the same folders and playlists you are used to in iTunes. If you add a playlist in iTunes, it will automatically appear on your DLNA clients - it just works.

Cover art and metadata support

iHomeServer publishes your media with all of its metadata and cover art so your DLNA compliant television or media player can show off your iTunes library at its best (dependent on capabilities of DLNA client)

Built-in Transcoding for maximum compatibility

Not all Smart TVs can process all iTunes media natively. iHomeServer contains a built-in transcoding engine that can optionally transcode your videos and music to formats that your television and other devices understand

Streaming is supported for non-DRM protected music and video only. Compatibility of media depends on client device.

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