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iHomeServer : DVD Ripping to iTunes

Rip your DVD Collection directly into iTunes


iHomeServer lets you rip your DVD collection straight into iTunes

With iHomeServer, whenever you insert a DVD into your computer's DVD drive, iHomeServer will automatically convert the DVD into an iTunes friendly MP4 format, look up metadata and artwork and add the converted file straight into your Movies tab within iTunes. Once the conversion is complete, the DVD tray will automatically eject ready for you to load the next one. You can quickly rip your entire DVD collection into iTunes for easier access

Rip your home DVD and Blu-Ray collection straight to iTunes

Although iTunes can rip audio CDs, it does not allow you to rip your home DVD collection into your iTunes library. iHomeServer adds this capability with a feature that rips, tags and adds your DVD images in MP4/M4V H264 format to your iTunes library. Now your home DVD library can be available to all your computers within your iTunes Home Sharing network as well as being able to be sync'd to your iOS devices. With your media centralised in iTunes, you can now use iHomeServer's built in DLNA server to stream your DVDs to non-Apple DLNA devices and iHomeServer's web interface to stream them to browsers, laptops, tablets and phones

Automatically add cover art and metadata

iHomeServer's DVD ripping is integrated with iHomeServer's AutoTag features so that your ripped DVDs and BluRays will automatically be tagged with metadata and artwork without any user interaction.

iHomeServer integrates with DVD ID internet databases to find accurate DVD information for the exact DVD you insert

Completely automatic - just insert a DVD!

Just insert a DVD and the rest of the process of ripping, tagging with metadata and adding to iTunes is carried out automatically with no user interaction. The DVD ripping functionality runs within the main iHomeServer Windows Service so is always available after computer startup, even if you haven't yet logged on to your desktop yet

Uses Handbrake† for ripping

iHomeServer integrates with Handbrake (available and installed separately) for ripping DVDs. Handbrake is one of the leading video format conversion tools and is trusted by millions to make faithful personal copies of their DVD

Supports AnyDVD for on-the-fly DVD decryption

iHomeServer automatically detects if AnyDVD is installed on your system. If it is, it will be used to decrypt your DVD's on the fly.

iHomeServer also supports other video file conversions

It's not just DVDs! If you have lots of folder of non-iTunes friendly media, simply create a iHomeServer Watch Folder, specify your preferred conversion settings and iHomeServer will work through your media files converting them into iTunes friendly formats. All automatically.

Check conversion status anywhere

With iHomeServer's decoupled architecture, you can check the status of your conversion queue from any of iHomeServer's management consoles - including the iHomeServer Management Console Windows application or the iHomeServer Web Management Console. You can even check conversion status over the internet if you are using the Stream My iTunes feature

Did you know?

iHomeServer also lets you access your iTunes library from supported Web Browsers as well as from the Internet and compatible DLNA devices such as your PlayStation 3 or XBOX 360, manages your iTunes metadata and much, much more!

You must download and install Handbrake for the above features to be available within iHomeServer. Note that iHomeServer is not affiliated or endorsed by Handbrake.fr. DVD Piracy is a crime, therefore, please use this feature responsibly to back up DVD's you rightfully own. You are responsible for adhering to your specific country's and the DVD/Blu-Ray copyright holder's country's copyright laws at all times.
AnyDVD is available from SlySoft Software. Note that the decryption algorithms used by AnyDVD may not be legal in your country, therefore you must check the legality of using AnyDVD or similar software yourself. iHomeServer is not affiliated or endorsed by SlySoft.

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