iHomeServer is now end of life. We thank all our users for their strong support over the last 10 years!

Supercharge your iTunes

Streaming • Web Access • Metadata • Server

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With iHomeServer ...

...you can stream your iTunes

to Smart TVs, Hi-fis and other

DLNA devices, without an Apple TV!

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iTunes wherever you go with

"Stream My iTunes"

iTunes Internet streaming

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iHomeServer streams your iTunes library to your...

PlayStation 3

XBOX 360

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iHomeServer Media Watch Folders

Automatically add all your content to iTunes

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iHomeServer provides an

iTunes Web Interface...

stream from home

stream from the internet

edit metadata

rate tracks

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iHomeServer Also Installs

As a Dashboard Add-in On

Home/Essential Servers

Rip your DVD Collection directly into iTunes

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Starting Windows

and iTunes...

iHomeServer Starts iTunes As a Service When Your Computer Starts Up

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iHomeServer Fixes iTunes Movie and Television Metadata and Artwork

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iHomeServer lets you stream your iTunes library

from all your favorite devices

iHomeServer Integrates with

rtRemote To Stream iTunes to

Windows 8 PCs & Tablets

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iHomeServer Is A Windows Application That Supercharges iTunes To Create A Better Media Server

iHomeServer adds features to iTunes that everybody can make use of, but particularly those who use iTunes as a media server within their home. It can start iTunes as a Windows Service so that iTunes is already running whilst adding brand new features such as advanced media watch folders, DVD ripping, video conversions to iTunes formats, metadata tagging for movies/television episodes, a web interface for streaming to all your favorite devices locally and on the Internet, publishing of iTunes to DLNA clients such as televisions and radios and much, much more

News: iTunes 12.5.1 64-bit Video Compatibility - Some versions of iTunes 12.x were incompatible with iHomeServer when running the native 64-bit version. This issue is now solved in iTunes 12.5.1 or later versions so if you were previously using iTunes (for older graphics cards) versions, this should no longer be necessary..

iHomeServer Features

Start iTunes when Computer Starts

Perfect for Home Servers

iHomeServer installs a Windows Service that automatically starts iTunes at boot time. iTunes will be running before you login or your desktop even loads. Wifi Sync, AirPlay, Home Sharing, Podcast Downloading, etc will always be available

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Media Watch Folders

All your media in iTunes - all the time

iHomeServer allows multiple folders on your computer to be "watched" for new music/videos. This is ideal if you store your music, movies and television in different places. Organise your media in your folders and iTunes will be kept in sync

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DVD Ripping to iTunes

Your DVD library - Everywhere

Insert a DVD into your computer's DVD drive and iHomeServer will automatically convert the DVD into an iTunes friendly MP4 format, look up metadata and artwork and add the converted file straight into your Movies tab within iTunes.

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Access iTunes via Internet

Anywhere, Any device

iHomeServer provides a fast web interface for streaming and managing your iTunes library. The web interface is available to computers on your local network but can also be made accessible over the internet using commercial strength HTTPS/SSL encryption

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Access iTunes from Web, Windows, Android & Blackberry devices

Looks great on iPhone & iPad

iHomeServer provides an attractive, fast and fluid web interface that has the look and feel of a native appication. Check the 'Screenshots' section to understand the look-and-feel. Use device features like 'Add to Home Screen' on iOS to run iHomeServer Web as a standalone application.

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Edit Metadata / Artwork

Beautiful Artwork on Your Apple TV

iHomeServer comes complete with a metadata and artwork edit for all your music, movies and television episodes. You can either manually edit metadata fields such as title, artist, description, album, tv episode details, producers, directors, etc or use iHomeServer's AutoTag feature to automatically search and set metadata with a single click

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AutoTag Movies / Television

One Click And Tag

TV episodes are automatically marked as such within iTunes so your series will show up as seasons and series just like content purchased from the iTunes Store

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Stream iTunes to Smart TV / DLNA

No need for an Apple TV

iHomeServer includes a built-in DLNA server that publishes your iTunes library to DLNA clients on your network. DLNA clients include most modern televisions, receivers, radios and computers. Now you can access your iTunes music, movies and television content from all your household devices

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Upgrading from iHomeServer v2 to iHomeServer v3? Save $15!

iHomeServer v3 builds on the ground breaking legacy of iHomeServer v2 which quickly became the defacto standard way of running iTunes on a server. iHomeServer v3 adds heaps of new features such as the iHomeServer web management & streaming interface, DVD Ripping and conversions with Handbrake, DLNA streaming support and much more.

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Introducing Stream My iTunes

iHomeServer lets you securely stream your iTunes library over the internet via our sister web site 'Stream My iTunes'

Listen to your music library from any modern browser/device whilst you are at work

Watch your movie library whilst drinking coffee in your local coffee house

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