Tether Check

Tether Check

Tired of Windows lying about your tethering status?

Tether Check is ideal for Windows laptop users who tether their computer to their phone or dongle. Tether Check will keep you notified about your phone's real internet connection status so you can get the most out of your mobile internet connection.



If you tether your mobile phone's 3G or 4G internet connection to your laptop, you'll be aware of the frustration when you suddenly lose phone reception and their internet drops out.

You know you can't trust the Windows network tray icon as it just tells you the connection strength between your computer and your phone. So you end up constantly pressing F5 to refresh your web page in the hope that you get back into an area with network coverage.

Things are different if you have Tether Check installed. When your phone's connection is dropped and restored, a Tether Check alert will let you know you can start work or refresh that web page, saving you time and making you more productive.


  • Reports on actual connectivity, not just wifi status
  • Sits quietly in the Windows system tray monitoring your tethered / wifi / ethernet connection
  • Will alert you when there's a major change to your connection, eg you have lost internet
  • Will let you know once connection has been restored so you can continue your work
  • Supports configurable semi-transparent popup
  • Multiple methods for checking connectivity - Ping and DNS


The Tether Check app runs on Windows laptops and desktops, but can monitor the status of all tethering mobile phone devices including iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, etc. Tether Check is a fantastically simple solution to a very common problem for today's tethered laptop users.

Tether Check is also perfect if use 3G/4G dongles or even if you use conventional broadband and have a poor connection that you want to monitor.


Tether Check is trivial to install and is available to download with a 14 day free trial. Just click the link below, run the install package and Tether Check will be ready and working. No configuration required. None.

Operating System 32-bit - v1.0.5 64-bit - v1.0.5
Windows 10  Download  Download
Windows 8.1  Download  Download
Windows 8  Download  Download
Windows 7  Download  Download


Purchase Tether Check on-line now to continue using it past the 14-day trial period. After you have completed your purchase in PayPal you will receive a unique license code that you can enter into the Tether Check settings window to register your copy.

Quantity Price (GBP) Price (EUR) Price (USD)
Tether Check for Win v1 - 1 PC £5.00 €6.00 $9.00
Tether Check for Win v1 - 5 PC £25.00 €30.00 $41.00
Tether Check for Win v1 - 10 PC £40.00 €48.00 $65.00
Tether Check for Win v1 - 50 PC £147.00 €178.00 $242.00
Tether Check for Win v1 - 100 PC £294.00 €356.00 $483.00
VAT Registration Number:

Pressing 'Next' will transfer you to Paypal to complete your purchase using either Paypal or Credit Card payment. You will be provided with your license codes immediately after checkout.

NB: You do not need to register with Paypal in order to make a credit card payment

All Tether Check licenses includes 1 year email support and product updates

Silent Install

Tether Check now optionally supports silent install options for Enterprise distribution. Use the following syntax:



  • LICENSEKEY - is the license key provided on purchase
  • SHOWALERTS - possible values 1 or 0 determining whether a popup will be displayed on connection change
  • TESTMETHOD - possible values DNS or PING determining whether a DNS probe or a ICMP ping packet is used to check for connectivity
  • TESTTARGETS - a comma delimited list of IPv4 address targets on the Internet to check for availability